In today’s global society, English is the lingua franca. It’s almost imperative to know English to feel comfortable in most circles. Unfortunately, it is also an incredibly inconsistent and difficult language. With practice and perseverance, one can learn to speak the English language alike any native English speaker.

We at Masterprep aim at developing fluency, accuracy and clarity in oral language abilities through communication-based activities.

Why Learn English?

It is an International language. Learning to speak English will allow you to communicate with a massive number of people around the globe.

Boost your job prospects

In an increasing inter-connected world, a good knowledge of English is a great advantage for many jobs. English is also the most widely used language for International business.


Any trip or stay in an English-speaking country will be greatly enriched if you can speak a bit of the language. Even in countries where English isn’t the Local language, you will still find it enormously useful during your travels.

  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Sentence formation
  • Conversation
  • Group Discussion and Debates