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Marvel IELTS is Accessible

  • Academic / General Training
  • Interactive Online Classes
  • Online IELTS Practice
  • Offline Coaching
  • Study anytime, anywhere
  • Pen and Paper IELTS
  • Computer-delivered IELTS

Marvel IELTS is Effective

  • In-depth lectures
  • Concepts and Hacks
  • 60+ Full Practice Tests
  • Daily Practice of All Modules
  • Daily Video Speaking
  • Speaking with Native Speakers
  • Daily Writing with Feedback
  • A.I. based Writing & Speaking

Advantage of Proven Strategies

  • Templates by 9-9-9-9 Scorer
  • Proven Writing Templates for 7+ Bands
  • In-depth lectures covering: Concepts, Mistakes, Techniques and Hacks

See what Marvel IELTS Coaching offer

High-quality easy techniques made exclusively by our IELTS experts

Whether you're taking the Academic IELTS or the General Training IELTS, we can help.

In-depth lectures

Detailed lectures covering Concepts, Mistakes, Techniques and Hacks for Writing, Speaking, Listening & Reading

Practice Area

Sample answers and explanations for L, R, S, W of 60+ Practice Tests

Daily Writing & Speaking

Practice and improve the two most difficult modules daily

Authentic Practice Questions


Students Registered


Tests Taken

Learn it

Implement it

Get feedback

Proven Strategy Templtate

These are the three fundamental pillars of success that have helped thousands of students. Marvel's course is built around these 3 pillars, providing the strongest foundation to build your IELTS success.
At Marvel, I found mentors who pushed me to cross the 8777 line. Their special techniques and A.I. software can easily bring a difference of 1 to 1.5 bands without much effort.

The Solution

A complete solution for your IELTS target score

IELTS Lectures

8 weeks of intensive IELTS coaching as per criteria established by British Council and IDP

Grammar Course

30+ lectures for the biggest pain point for 70% of students

Pronunciation Course

Pronunciation is 25% of your speaking score. 30+ lectures covering A-Z of pronunciation.

Idioms Course

The biggest boost to your speaking is a proper use of idiomatic phrases.

Essay Explanations

Our 18+ essay explanations help you understand the scoring criteria and implement the hacks and templates.

Task 1 Explanations

Hacks and templates to ace task 1 without breaking a sweat. You will not have to worry about graphs and letters again.

Collocation Course

No one can get 7+ score without collocations. This is a course to make you an academic superstar..

Mock Tests with Feedback

Weekly mock tests to check your progress. Analyse how close you are to your target score. Comprehensive feedback to give you a clear idea of where you need to make improvements.

A.I. Practice Area

Improve writing and speaking with our artificial intelligence. Explanations for reading and listening to remove your mistakes.

Mavens of Marvel

Brains behind verified and proven strategies

Marvel's experts who have helped thousands of students fulfil their dream to study and settle abroad.

Bhrat Brij

90-All Master Trainer
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Vanita Handa



Marvel's AI

MarvelIELTS for your success

A complete platform for all the IELTS related needs under the sun. Whether you are sitting IELTS for the first time or you have prepared for the exam before. Marvel's program is helpful for you in every way.
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Real Exam Questions
Know all the cue cards, essays and Task 1 questions that are expected for your exam.
Powered by A.I.
Instant feedbak on your Writing and Speaking mistakes. Our intelligent system evaluates your responses and lets you know where you can make improvements.
Video Speaking
Build confidence, master Speaking with daily video speaking practice with our intelligent system
100% CD-IELTS Experience
Get acquainted with the CD IELTS setup. How will you get questions, how you need to give answers, what computer-based features you should use.
9-9-9-9 Bands Trainer
Learn and improve with 9-9-9-9 Scorer in IELTS. Cover every aspect of the exam so that you do not lose even a single band.
Complete study material
Exhaustive seperate booklets for Academic and General Training students to study at home.
Hack your IELTS score
Achieve your IELTS target score on the very first attempt by following the time-tested and proven strategies. Don't miss out on the shortcut to writing and speaking like a native.
Pen and Paper based IELTS
Practice for the age-old medium of IELTS exam. Download Marvel's IELTS material, print it at your home and get busy.

Success Stories

What students are saying about Marvel IELTS

Students have found success with both online and offline courses provided by Marvel IELTS. Here are some reviews that celebrate their success and our hard work.
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Price & Plans

Prepare for IELTS Academic Online

At MarvelIELTS, we provide complete integrated IELTS online coaching and software access! When you subscribe to our package, you get access to both our strategies and A.I. IELTS Software which guides you to achieve your desired score. In addition to this, you will also be given access to grammar and pronunciation courses, which you can visit on demand.

Everything is designed to give you better concept clarity along with an insight to the actual IELTS test.

"Knowledge is half the battle, rest is implementation."

Get everything you need with just one subscription.
4 weeks
Small Package for Success
Online IELTS Study Portal
Daily Practice
Daily Writing Feedback
Twice a week live speaking
40 Listening, Reading Tests with the answer explanation
40 Task 1, Task2
Special Band 8 Essays & Letters Course
Idioms, Grammar, Pronunciation, Collocations Course
Doubt Clearing Sessions
WhatsApp Support
IELTS Success Booklet
Updated Study Material
Prediction File for Writing and Speaking
8 weeks
Most Popular Package
Online IELTS Study Portal
Daily Practice
Daily Writing Feedback
Thrice a week live speaking
100 Listening, Reading Tests with the answer explanation
100 Task 1, Task2
Special Band 8 Essays & Letters Course
Idioms, Grammar, Pronunciation, Collocations Course
Doubt Clearing Sessions
WhatsApp Support
IELTS Success Booklet
Updated Study Material
Prediction File for Writing and Speaking

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all the important answers from here

MarvelIELTS.com is a complete IELTS preparation solution that provides online and offline IELTS coaching as well as software powered by artificial intelligence and mock tests.

All coaching at Marvel IELTS is by default group coaching. The batch includes a few students who will get an online/offline IELTS session with Bhrat Sir and his team for 4 to 8 weeks! Group coaching is fairly affordable and helps students follow a schedule.

Each class is about 60-75 minutes long, Monday through Friday.

Yes, we have batches on the weekends. Also, note that weekend classes are from 90 to 120 minutes long.

Pearson’s IELTS exam is conducted only on a PC, so we too deliver our classes or practice software on PC/Laptop.

Our software and classes work on Chrome browser of Mac devices. However, iPads and iPhones are not supported.

Yes, Marvel can help you in such special circumstances. Please contact support for assistance.

Yes, we offer multiple batches to accommodate your needs, and our AI software/coaching platform is not restricted anywhere in the world.

Marvel IELTS's course includes Online or offline lectures that cover all 20 types of tasks and strategies. Additionally, you get access to AI (artificial intelligence) software for practice, one practice test and one mock test every week, and grammar and pronunciation lessons (depending on your subscription type).

Yes, as part of Marvel's coaching package the software is included for the coaching subscription duration. You can extend your software access if you want.

Sign up at app.marvelIELTS.com and contact support to set up your class. We have several batches running concurrently, so you can choose the one that suits you from multiple time-slots.

You'll find instructions in the welcome email, follow them. Alternatively, you may click the Online Lectures menu at app.marvelIELTS.com then click on IELTS Lecture.

Absolutely not. Our entire platform is available online. No software needs to be downloaded. You just need an active, high-speed internet connection and Chrome browser in your PC/Laptop.

We have Zoom-like software. The welcome email will have all the instructions.

We record the classes! So, in case you miss any session, you can still view its recording. If you miss one-on-one lessons without notice, we won't hold supplementary classes.

We regret to inform you that weekend or group classes will not be rescheduled. However, you can listen to the lecture recording.

Recordings will be available 3-4 hours after class time.

We generally don't allow it. Different topics are covered simultaneously in different batches, so it would be redundant to get the same topics.

You can view recorded sessions up to 11 days after the class (depending on subscription type).

If you believe that you are comfortable with computers and have a good typing speed, then you will find the extra features of CD-IELTS quite useful. And if you are not too keen on computers then choose people-based exam.

Both British Council or IDP have the same policies, there is no difference between the tests and results. So, you should choose according to the availability of dates and locations.

Practice is the best way to prepare for IELTS exam. Practice test papers are available on Marvel IELTS website, alongwith a learning program that will make your dream score come true.