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The experts at MarvelIELTS provide a complete IELTS preparation course and online software access! In one subscription, you have access to both our strategies and the AI-based IELTS test software, which helps you reach your target on test day.

You will be able to understand ideas better through our Computer Based Test, which provides a realistic look into what the IELTS test may be like.

Standardised English tests such as IELTS require some special language skills and a little different preparation than other English tests.

In order to help non-native English speakers prepare for the IELTS general exam for English language proficiency, MarvelIELTS offers the best practice test and mock test software.

"It is only half the battle if you have knowledge; the other half comes from implementation."

Everything you need under one subscription.
4 weeks
Small Package for Success
Online IELTS Study Portal
Daily Practice
Daily Writing Feedback
Twice a week live speaking
40 Listening, Reading Tests with the answer explanation
40 Task 1, Task2
Special Band 8 Essays & Letters Course
Idioms, Grammar, Pronunciation, Collocations Course
Doubt Clearing Sessions
WhatsApp Support
IELTS Success Booklet
Updated Study Material
Prediction File for Writing and Speaking
8 weeks
Most Popular Package
Online IELTS Study Portal
Daily Practice
Daily Writing Feedback
Thrice a week live speaking
100 Listening, Reading Tests with the answer explanation
100 Task 1, Task2
Special Band 8 Essays & Letters Course
Idioms, Grammar, Pronunciation, Collocations Course
Doubt Clearing Sessions
WhatsApp Support
IELTS Success Booklet
Updated Study Material
Prediction File for Writing and Speaking


Master Trainer: Bhrat Brij's 9-All IELTS Score

You rarely get to meet someone you can call a true expert, right? At Marvel's IELTS exam preparation platform, we are extremely fortunate to have a very rare gem whose score-sheet shines brightly in the midst of the misguided/misinformed world of IELTS training.

Every student is not exactly the same; they have different levels of expertise in the four communication skills of language assessment: Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking.

There are those who need a little guidance from their IELTS teacher, and then there are those who would like their mentor to hold their hands and guide them.

A student with non-English education who takes the IELTS General training test will attest to the difficulties they face while learning new vocabulary that is needed at the IELTS test centre.

The guidance of an experienced test preparation expert can provide you with exactly what you need, regardless of your level of English proficiency. With Marvel IELTS, you'll discover that Bhrat Brij is always working to find you the best solution.

You can be assured that you need not look any further when you are working with a tutor who is well-versed in all the requirements for the IELTS exam.

It is a golden opportunity that you as a test taker should not miss. As you still think of how to achieve the target IELTS score for your Visa application. Individuals that have already taken action are now eligible for a Canadian visa.


Get a higher IELTS score

If you are in need of a high score in IELTS to demonstrate your proficiency in English. But you are in doubt regarding which IELTS course provider to choose; before starting anywhere, you should be familiar with the features that the English academic software has to offer.
Oral Fluency Analyser
Pitch Analyser
Cue Card Strategies
Speaking practice tests
Read Aloud Strategies
Template for Picture/Image
Template for Letter
Essay Templates
Relevancy Analyser
AI Analysis
Writing practice tests
Grammar Strategies
Reading Strategies
Video Explanations
Shortcuts and Hacks
Reading practice tests
AI Analysis
Timed Practice
Shortcuts and Hacks
Listening practice tests

Additional features

Get more than classes

You get much more than just an IELTS General Training or Academic course
Mock tests
Marvel IELTS's Mock Scores are the best indicator of your readiness for the IELTS General exam.
AI Analysis
Check the answers you have written for your practice exams.
In this way, you can see what needs to be improved.
Expert Feedback
The Marvel specialists give feedback on your answers, telling you what you are doing wrong and how you can fix it.
Grammar Course
Grammar topics that ensure you master everything you need to know about the IELTS test.
Pronunciation Course
With our pronunciation classes, you will learn everything you need to know about IELTS speaking right from the start.
Study Plan
You will receive an individual study plan that is based on the requirements of your desired IELTS score.
Prediction Material
Find out which new questions will be asked on an upcoming exam before anyone else.
1-to-1 Sessions
1-on-1 consultation with one of our experts can help you clarify your doubts.
Real Exam Questions
We have all the sample questions you will need for your exam in the categories of Writing, Listening, Reading, and Speaking; right here.
Understand what you need on test day
Our web portal is designed to give you a complete understanding of how CD-IELTS will be conducted.
Know the test format
Cambridge IELTS exam follows a specific format, and at, you are prepared to face the IELTS examiner confidently at the test centre.


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